Jin-Fa Thricestar

Dedicated Jedi


Young, his dark hair is usually pinned back or tied back. He has a strong build with slender limbs. He moves with grace, as his sword fighting has pushed him to be more dancer like. Usually stoic in nature he tries to be mindful of the force. He does not give himself to over expression of emotions. He is almost always dressed in the Jedi traditional apparel, except when in training.

WISDOM 16 +3

Jin-fa Thricestar CL 6
Medium Human Jedi 7/Jedi Knight 1
Destiny 5; Force 10
Init + 15; Senses Use the Force + 22
Languages Basic, Sith, Shyriiwook
Defenses Ref 21 (20 flat-footed, Lightsaber Defense 22), Fort 20,
Will 23; 0
hp 79; Threshold 20
Speed 6 squares
Melee lightsaber + 11 (2d8 + 8)
Ranged by weapon + 9
Base Atk + 8; Grp + 10

Special Qualities Bonus Trained Skill, Bonus Feat, Build Lightsaber
Talents Dark Side Sense, Resist the Dark Side, Weapon Specialization (lightsabers), Force Perception
Feats Force Sensitivity, Force Training, Skill Focus (Initiative, Use the Force), Weapon Focus (lightsabers), Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers), Weapon Proficiency (simple)

Skills Acrobatics + 10, Initiative + 15, Perception (Use the Force) + 22, Pilot + 10, Use the Force + 22

Possessions lightsaber, all-temperature cloak, ancient Jedi robes, bandolier, atmosphere canister, comlink, earbud, electrobinoculars, breath mask, 445 credits

Force Powers Known (Use the Force + 22) Blind, Farseeing, Force Disarm, Force Grip, Force Shield, Force Stun, Inertia, Intercept, Levitate, Mind Trick, Negate Energy, Obscure, Phase, Slow, Surge, Vital Transfer

// Blind (swift, one living creature within 12 squares)
+ 22 vs. Reflex, target is considered flat-footed and all other creatures have concealment against them until the start of your next turn
Spend Force Point to use as a free action
// Farseeing (full; one creature you know or have met before)
+ 22 vs. Will, cannot reuse for 24 hours, can get a sense of target, whether the target is alive or dead and gain a vague sense of its immediate surroundings, what it’s currently doing, and any strong emotions it is presently feeling
Spend a Force Point for a clear image of surrounding 6 squares of target
// Force Disarm (standard; one target within 12 squares)
+ 22 vs. Reflex + 10 to disarm, item drops to ground or flys to your hand
Spend Force Point to destroy object, dealing damage equal to the Use the Force check
// Force Grip (standard; one target within 12 squares) •Telekinetic
DC 15: + 22 vs. Fortitude, 2d6 damage and the target can only take 1 swift action on their next turn; half damage on a miss and target acts normally
DC 20: as DC 15 except 4d6 damage
DC 25: as DC 15 except 6d6 damage
Maintain as standard action, rerolling each round
Spend a Force Point to deal + 2d6 damage
// Force Shield (reaction; you) •Telekinetic
DC 15: gain SR 5 until start of your next turn, cannot be recharged
DC 20: as DC 15 except SR 10
DC 25: as DC 15 except SR 15
DC 30: as DC 15 except SR 20
Spend a Force Point to increase SR by 5, maintain as a standard action
// Force Stun (standard; 1)
+ 22 vs. Fortitude, target moves -1 step down the condition track and one additonal step for ever 5 points exceeding Fortitude
Spend a Force Point to move target an additional step down track
// Inertia (move; you)
DC 15: move at half speed along a wall, fall to the ground if you do not end your move on the ground
DC 20: as DC 15 except normal speed
DC 25: as DC 15 except move your speed + 2 squares
DC 30: as DC 15 except move your speed + 4 squares
Spend a Force Point for + 2 squares
// Mind Trick (standard; one creature of intelligence 3 or higher within 12 squares and line of sight) •Mind-Affecting
+ 22 vs. Will to:
1. create an hallucination to use Stealth even if target is aware
2. perform a feint so that target loses Dexterity bonus to Reflex on your next attack against them
3. make an unpalatable suggestion
4. fill target with terror to flee at top speed 1 minute, stops fleeing if wounded, not if higher level
Spend a Force Point to improve attitude one step, + one step per every 5 points the check exceeds Will
// Negate Energy (reaction; one attack that deals energy damage)
+ 22 vs. damage to negate, failure take damage as normal, must be aware of attack
Spend a Force Point to regain hit points equal to the damage negated
// Slow (standard; 1) •Telekinetic
DC 15: + 22 vs. Fortitude; reduce speed 1 square and -10 penalty to Acrobatics, Climb, Endurance, Initiative, Jump, Stealth, Swim
DC 20: speed -2 squares
DC 25: speed -3 squares
DC 30: speed -4 squares
Spend Force Point for -5 Fort against this power
// Surge (free; you)
DC 10: + 10 Force bonus to Jump (+ 22), speed 8
DC 15: + 20 Force bonus to Jump (+ 25), speed 10
DC 20: + 30 Force bonus to Jump (+ 35), speed 12
Spend a Force Point to increase Jump bonus by + 10 and movement by + 2 squares
Using the surge power counts as a running start for determining a Jump DC
Spend a Destiny Point to gain + 4 squares of movement; when you do so, you may also use any and all movement for the round as a part of a jump (no Jump check required)
// Vital Transfer (standard; one ally touched) •Light Side
DC 15: heals 12 hit points
DC 20: heals 18 hit points
DC25: heals 24 hit points
Take half of the damage you heal; spend Force Point to avoid taking damage; spend Destiny Point to move target + 5 steps up the condition track
// Intercept (reaction; one incoming ranged attack targeting you) •Telekinetic
+ 22 vs. ranged attack or Use the Force to negate ranged attack or move object
Spend a Force Point to intercept autofire, no damage if Use the Force beats the attack roll, otherwise half damage
// Levitate (move; you) •Telekinetic
DC 15: can fly 2 squares but only vertical, can move 1 square onto a horizontal surface or fall
DC 20: as DC 15 except fly 4 squares
DC 25: as DC 15 except fly 6 squares
Spend Force Point as a reaction when falling to reduce falling by fly speed
// Obscure (reaction; one target within 12 squares and line of sight) •Mind-Affecting
+22 vs. Will to reduce attack by -5, if attack misses you can make them reroll against an adjacent creature, also at -5 to attack
Spend Force Point to apply -5 to all attacks they make until the start of its next turn
// Phase (move; you)
DC 25: gain phase speed of 2 , must end move in unoccupied square
DC 30: as DC 25, but gain phase 4
DC 35: as DC 25, but gain phase 6
DC 40: as DC 25, but gain phase 8
Maintain as move action, cannot move faster than normal move rate
Spend a Force Point to increase speed by 2 squares

Jin-fa was born on a starship. He never knew his parents, having been taken into the Jedi temple as a child and raised by his master since he could remember. He has only known the life of a Jedi, the teachings of the Jedi. He has received a good education and has focused his mind and power on the force. His devotion to the Jedi Order is second to nothing else in his life.

When he was just a young boy he was at a temple on the planet Yesin 4 at a temple with his master. There had been a great disturbance in the force there and his Master went to help. It was clear that an army of Mandalorian raiders was planning on taking the rim world for a depot and place to store weapons and illegal goods. The Manadlorians attacked the temple, and his master had to fight. The temple fell and his master and just a few younglings were able to escape.

Jin-fa had thought on it for a long time, pondered the reason for the fight, and for so much death. He questioned why his master did not kill more of the Mandalorians, or returned with more Jedi to take revenge. His Master tried to teach him to be calm, and to understand the will of the force.

He did not understand this until later in his life when he was a teen, and his Master and he needed to travel more and more for the Order. When they went to Mandalor and he had to live with Mandalorians he met a good friend named Krisha. She and he had a very close friendship, that almost turned to love, but stayed just shy of it. When he met her father he recognized the Mandalorian from the raid. This caused much conflict in him and he was pressed to search his feeling.

What he found was the truths that revenge was a force of passion that could not be taken back. If they had returned and killed everyone, his friend’s father might have been killed. While they were all one in the force, and he felt as if he was one with her, he knew it would have caused her sadness, and perhaps even created a ripple of darkness that would not have found an end.

He took on his quest then, to be a force for light that would seek to stop the waves of darkness that seemed to push through everyone’s lives. He wished to help redeem the dark forces that been put into action by the carless acts of selfish passion by other Jedi.
Jin-Fa Thricestar

Jin-Fa Thricestar

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